• Kristiana Roemer

What Is

What is darkness

when the last light was burnt?

What is silence

when the last true words were voiced?

What is sadness

when the last glow in your eyes

and last belly chuckle rang?

What is resilience

when the strikes had no choice?

What is helplessness

when the last companion sang?

What is happiness

when the last tears were cried?

What is grievance

when the last hope learned

it was mislead?

What is gratefulness

when the last desire has been put to bed?

What is fearlessness

when the battles faced Death Ground?

What is peacefulness

when the last emotional barrier quieted its sound?


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I have breakfast at three and my dinner in bed. Some days I’m happy as can be. Some days I’m losing my head. I teach classes online. I have a rich life virtually. But when I go outside I need to remem

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