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Kristiana Roemer is an up-and-coming German and American vocalist and composer. In her writing, she brings together her original poetry and musical composition. She performs her originals and standards in German and English and integrates her influences in jazz, folk, art song, and choral music into her music.

Born and raised in Germany, Kristiana followed her instinct to compose poems and songs already as a child. Upon receiving a scholarship, she spent one year of study at Concordia College (USA) where she deepened her study of classical, choral, and vocal ensemble music. While pursuing her Bachelor of Science back in Germany, she intrepidly decided to move to Paris where she began performing every night and enrolled in vocal jazz at the Paris Conservatory while completing her science degree from abroad.

Soon after, she moved to Brooklyn, NY, and dove directly into the music scene there, performing at Jazz At Kitano, Rockwood Music Hall and Cornelia Street Cafe and completed her Master of Music in vocal jazz performance and composition.

She has performed her poetry with SpokenWord Paris, New York based Inspired Word, Brooklyn Voices and Bowery Poetry Club.

Her debut record 'House Of Mirrors' will be released on Sunnyside Records in 2020.

Bio / Press Release for 'House of Mirrors' (Sunnyside Records)

Roemer’s recording debut finds the vocalist at an exciting time in her promising career, navigating her unique path, where she is ready to introduce her fabulously broad musical approach and singular experience to the world.


Born to an American mother and a German father, Roemer grew up in a bi-lingual household in Frankfurt, Germany. Her mother instilled the importance of integrating her American with her German culture, namely through attending their English-speaking church and making long summer visits to North Dakota. Music was an important part of Roemer’s life from early on. She began piano lessons at six and then began singing in church and with a traveling choir; her first efforts at songwriting took place by the age of nine.


Roemer was taking classical voice lessons as a teenager when she met a professional pianist who invited her to sing popular tunes and standards with him at a local lounge, and soon they were performing together regularly. Choosing to continue her music education, Roemer received a scholarship to attend Concordia College in Minnesota for a year before she returned to Germany to care for her mother, who had fallen ill. During this time, Roemer had enrolled for her Bachelor of Science at Frankfurt University but soon impulse led her to move to Paris, where she spent three years performing regularly at cabarets and clubs and hosting a jam session, along with studying vocal jazz at the Paris Conservatory and completing her science degree from abroad. It is there that she formed a quartet and began performing her original compositions.


On a summer trip to New York, she fell in love with the City. Though Paris had been instrumental in solidifying her love and pursuit of jazz, the openness of New York’s scene made Roemer feel free to truly spread her musical wings and provided the nurturing ground that allowed her to define her musical voice. While writing music had become second nature to her, she felt that to truly express herself in her storytelling she had to broaden her approach, including her introduction of German lyrics along with English.


Roemer moved to New York soon thereafter and dove directly into the jazz scene there, performing regularly at Rockwood Music Hall, Jazz at Kitano Hotel and Cornelia St. Café, and completing her Master of Music in jazz studies at Queens College. 

Aside from singing, she continues to write and perform poetry and has also appeared in several films and series.